Telesupport Skills

Course Type:  Online Course

Media Type: Interactive Video

Course Length: 90 Min

Price: Rs. 2000

Course valid for 3 months


Tele-support Skills: A set of simulation based modules which will help the learner, hone and develop their tele-support skills that will enable them to resolve identified / unidentified issues of a customer. The course is covered through 6 Modules. Each module is different with respect to the type of the difficulty of the customer or problem.

The course is covered through 6 Modules. Each module is different with respect to the type of the difficulty of the customer or problem.

Module 1: Order Tracking Skills
Module 2: Technical Support Skills
Module 3: Cross Selling Skills
Module 4: Solution Selling Skills
Module 5: Consultative Selling Skills
Module 6: Problem Solving Selling Skills
Order Tracking Skills
Order tracking is a process in which an executive informs a customer about the status of the order he/she has placed earlier. Essentially, it is covered in two broad steps.
These are:
  • Confirming details
  • Query Handling
Simulation Scenario:
You work for a call centre that supports an online shopping website, called "" as their customer service partner.Vijaya, a customer who has bought a book from the website, has called the helpdesk to track the status of the order. The promised date of delivery has already gone past.

Technical Support Skills
In simple words, it is the process of applying logic to identify concrete steps that effectively rule out various possibilities (of error).
During the process learner will focus on:
1. Asking the right questions: progressing logically
2. Interpreting the collected information objectively
3. Using any related information you have to interpret the information / ascertaining a solution
4. Keeping an open mind to look for simpler solutions
5. Verifying the offered solution. If you don't know "what" resolved the issue. It can probably recur
Simulation Scenario:
You have recently joined a consumer electronics store called "Galaxy Equipment", as a Technical Support Advisor in one of their customer care centres.
Vijay Chand, is a customer who has purchased a tablet from one of the stores and has called the helpdesk assistance at your call centre to seek technical support related to Internet connectivity on his newly purchased tablet.
Vijay's call has come through to you. You lend him an empathetic ear and begin the technical support process.

Cross Selling Skills
It is a practice of selling or suggesting related or complementary products to a prospect or customer.
Simulation Scenario:
You work as a customer support executive in the customer care division of TV Shopping Network. TV Shopping Network sells all types of home products through their Infomercials on TV channels. One afternoon, you receive a call from a lady customer, Tanvi who places an order for Royal's Steel Almirah. Tanvi is a house wife and a regular shopper of TV Shopping Network.

Solution Selling Skills
Solution Selling is a sales methodology in which the salesperson focuses on the customer's pain(s) and addresses the issue with his or her offerings (product and services). The resolution of the pain is what constitutes a "solution"
Simulation Scenario:
You work as a customer support executive at Prime Telecommunications. Prime Telecommunications is a DTH service provider.
One day, you receive a call from a customer, Mr. Mehta, a senior citizen who lives a retired life with his wife.

Consultative Selling Skills
Consultative selling is a complex, long-term process involving collaboration of both buyer and seller, in which the latter must first develop an understanding of the customer’s business, industry, and needs, and then craft a solution to help the customer achieve their objectives. It is usually service or solution-based
Simulation Scenario:
You work as a customer care executive at is one of India’s leading online travel companies. It offers a variety of facilities for travellers, for example air and train tickets, hotel booking, travel consultation, and a range of best-value products and services. The portal has a dedicated round-the-clock customer support cell.
Ankita is a 35 year old homemaker and a mother of two. She is a fun loving and adventurous person. Ankita is planning a family vacation, but is confused about the destination. So, she decides to call up on the helpline no of to seek a solution. You answer her call.

Problem Solving Selling Skills
This primarily focuses on amalgamating the problem solving skills with the selling skills. When you apply problem solving skills to a traditional sales approach, you not only elevate the sales process and differentiate yourself from the competition, but you raise your relationship with your customers from being a vendor to being a strategic advisor or a trusted partner. This process typically takes place in the following steps:
  • Wear the Problem Solver’s hat
  • Analyse the problem
  • Look for solutions / options
  • Evaluate the solutions / options
  • Select and convey the most appropriate solution
Simulation Scenario:
You work for Water Lily, a company that offers free web designing and web hosting services. Water Lily offers a whole gamut of support services to its customers, such as: Domain registration, Search engine visibility, Business class email, Web content management and Online backup / storage services
Priyanka Rajput, a young entrepreneur started her online store using the free web designing and web hosting service offered by Water Lily. However, in a short span of three months, Priyanka's business has grown threefold. Consequently, she has decided to refurbish her website. She has written an email to Water Lily thanking them for their support and informing them that she would not be using their services any longer. However, she wants them to send her all the data related to her website.