Enhance your Negotiation Skills

Course Type:  Online Course

Media Type: Interactive Video

Course Length: 90 Min

Price: Rs. 2000

Course valid for 3 months


Enhance your negotiation skills is a readymade elearning course which teaches the Techniques, Strategy and Approach for successfully negotiating and resolving points of difference both in a professional meet as well as in personal life. Whether in professional or in personal life, effective negotiation skills help us to lead fuller, more successful lives. This module will help learner develop and strengthen their negotiation skills which in turn will enable them to negotiate effectively. 

This course includes animated story based scenarios, interactive slides, close to life multi-branch simulations etc to enhance the whole learning experience and help the learner grasp maximum learning’s with comfortable speed.

Main topics covered under the module are:
  • What is effective negotiation?
  • Identifying types of negotiation
  • Tactics used in different types of negotiation
  • Key differentiators of negotiation
  • Handling tactics during negotiation
  • Tools for effective negotiation
  • Start a negotiation powerfully
  • Closing a negotiation
  • Common mistakes related to negotiation
  • Determining BATNA & ZOPA to reach an agreement
This module is based on the principles of interactive scenario based learning or immersive learning environment and application which helps the learner access and understand the situation and apply the learning. This module explains all the conceptual knowledge about negotiations like definition, types of negotiation, negotiation tactics, tools, tables etc.

Role play scenarios and conceptual explanation go side by side to help you understand the topic effectively and briefly. After completion of the module, simulations start, this puts you into close to life experience to practice your learning.

Simulation One (Official Negotiation)
Lead Profile:
Raghav Behal is a manager in Legon Ltd., a software company. He is an enthusiastic person who takes his job responsibilities very seriously. Raghav is currently working on an internal project with Sumit as his Graphic Designer (GD).
Simulation Scenario: One day, Vinod, the Resource Manager, informs Raghav that Sumit will work on his project only in the first half of the day because he was also needed to parallely work on an urgent client project.
Situation: Sumit is an important resource for Raghav and his work & time towards the project is key to complete the project on time. However, during negotiations and discussions with Vinod, he is unable to hold his own and in tricky situations, tends to give in.
Help Raghav negotiate a win-win situation for both himself and for Vinod.

Simulation two (Official Negotiation)
Simulation Scenario:
Sudhir is a senior manager at Legon Ltd, a software company. He has allocated two individual tasks to his team members, Raghav and Pankaj. Raghav is in charge of testing the final software product before it is delivered to the client, while Pankaj will interact with clients for their feedback related to the product.
Situation: When Raghav gets to know about the allocated task, he is a bit disappointed. He preferred interacting with clients over testing the final product. He felt that he should have been given a chance especially because he had been learning to interact with clients for over a year now.
In Sudhir’s opinion, however, Raghav is not ready to handle the pressures associated with clients. Raghav now needs to negotiate his way into this role
Help Raghav achieve his goal while aiming for a win-win situation.

Simulation three (Personal life Negotiation)
Simulation Scenario:
Raghav wants to get married to a girl who works with him in his office. When his parents got to know about this, they were apprehensive and worried.
Situation: Today, Raghav has decided to persuade them to say "yes" to the alliance.
Help Raghav to convince his parents to say “yes” to the marriage.

Simulation four (Clientele Negotiation)
Simulation Scenario:
Initially seen as weak in his abilities to effectively interface with clients, Raghav has shown remarkable improvement. Recognizing his efforts and enhanced capabilities, Sudhir (Raghav’s boss) has handed him over a key account: Wilson Telecom. Wilson Telecom is one of their oldest customers.
In his initial round of interaction with Mr. Grover, manager at Wilson Telecom, Raghav has identified a need for a system that can effectively manage new recruits.
Following this, Raghav has given a demo of the software (to be designed) to Mr. Grover, along with the cost estimation.
About the Customer: Mr. Grover is a logical but difficult-to-please kind of a person. He is technically very sound i.e. he knows what is best for his company. He is an auditory person.Situation: Now, to take this further, Mr. Grover has invited Raghav for a negotiation round to finalise the pricing and customisation requirements.
Help Raghav negotiate a deal with the client while aiming for a win-win situation

Simulation five (Monetary Negotiation)
Simulation Scenario:
Raghav works as a manager in Legon Ltd., a software company. Legon Ltd. offers software development, independent software testing and professional services to its clients across domains.
Raghav, initially seen as weak in his negotiation skills, has come a long way. Today, he leads a team of ten members that includes software developers, testers and interface designers.
Situation: Now, owing to the increased workload, he is recruiting a software developer. For this, he has already conducted a few rounds of interviews and selected a candidate, Manav Sharma. Now, he has invited Manav to discuss the final offer negotiation round.
Help Raghav negotiate a win-win situation for both the parties.